Prince Joal
Web Developer
  • Name: Prince

  • Birthday: 28 February 1993

  • Job: Freelancer

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  • Skype: 1081a1d198d8081c

About Me

Hello, I'm Prince Joal - Freelancer Web Developer I'm based in Amritsar INDIA where I work from a small office. I have been working professionally as a web designer & developer for 9 years, I made my very first website in 2010.
Website designing is a very thoughtful process. It requires deep understanding of the business and organisation objectives. This means that web designer has to be briefed by major stakeholders in the company including people from marketing, sales and sometimes director of the company. Any smart website designer would like to understand your buyers persona, pain points of your customer and then propose best website designing framework for your website. I also do eCommerce website design & development on Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.
I am passionate about working with startups, create their digital presence and grow with them. If you have a project then Contact me

For the past several years, IndianAppDevelopers has delivered high performance mobile applications for major mobile platforms. As a mobile app development company in India, My mobile development skills have the ability to meet all business and industry needs. .

I am a web developer specializing in creating IOS, Android and web application development from complete scratch.I spend my days working on different modules of application development. Things like back-end programming with advanced languages like Node,Php,Java, also front-end engineering of web and application development like HTML5,Angular,Ionic,React Android, iOS and FULL Stack, along with digital accessibility, visual design and user experience of every app project is taken care of by me.

My Services

Web Development

I have been working on web design for 5+ years.

Branding Identity

We will make you a brand that is catchy and leaves a trace.

UI Design

I have been working on UI design for 6 years.

Fast Delivery

I deliver your Project as fast as possible.