Prince Joal
Software Engineer
  • Name: Prince

  • Birthday: 28 February 1993

  • Job: Freelancer

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  • Skype: 1081a1d198d8081c


Coach LMS

As a Lead Tech at Mastersnion (Coach LMS), I specialize in developing innovative solutions with a proven track record of success. My expertise includes creating a comprehensive learning management tool using the MERN stack, crafting user-friendly Android and iOS apps with CapacitorJS, and building essential microservices like a resume builder, calendar integration, and proctoring tools.




Dedicated and results-driven Tech Lead with a strong background in crafting dynamic campaigns across various touchpoints. Proficient in leveraging the power of technologies like the MERN stack to design intelligent and personalized workflows that drive engagement and enhance the overall customer experience.Expertise in utilizing MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js to build scalable and efficient solutions for omnichannel marketing campaigns. Skilled in implementing best practices for data management, API integrations, and automation to streamline workflow processes and achieve business objectives effectively.



Lead the team working on the new project, which is a No-Code Chatbot Builder. For the frontend, we use react; for the backend, we use node.js; and for the database, we use mongo db. It was my role to manage the security vulnerability work for all projects, including outgrow. control the AWS service, which can be  (EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service, RDS, Lambda, Cloudfront, SNS, VPC, Auto-Scaling, IAM, SQS, Cloudwatch, X-ray, Route53, Certificate Manager, Waf, System Manager, DymnoDB), monitor server and manage (apache , nginx) In addition to managing security (encryption and database encryption), my responsibilities will also include setting up database backups, monitoring the server, and reviewing error reports.Developing a lambda function for use with micro services



I build micro services like IP to Location Find using Node.js and the MaxMind database, which provides us with information such as country name, state name, city name, longitude, and latitude and other information. I  create  service which is automatically generate host domain on server and generate  SSL certificate for specific domain using certbot made in node js.I worked on the front-end, back-end, and several additional microservice deployment pipeline for the CI/CD automated delivery pipeline.My responsibilities includes - Managing Outgrow servers(Linux) with different environments(Dev - Staging - Production) for deployment - Dev-OPS -> CI/CD , Server security, App security , AWS - Creating new micro service's in node.js - Managing wordpress blog


Outgrow - theark

In this project wordPress was used to create the project, and a custom theme and plugins were used.ark is arts institution with a dynamic programme that will endeavor to fulfill the foundation’s core purpose.In this project configure the server EC2 instance and the blog to utilise the image and other files reterived from the s3 bucket.In the meanwhile, I was working on the fundamental services of AWS on outgrow.


Outgrow - thermoking

I worked on a project for a customer that is the market leader in the field of transport refrigeration and heating. This includes refrigeration and heating for trailers, vehicles, buses, rail cars, and marine containers. created a project that displays all of the  sales data as graphs or other charts view.An admin user needs to log into the website, manage the data according to their region and send a pdf or email to their regional dealer or sales person.This project was developed using angular node and mongoose db.


Outgrow - blog

Learn new technologies such as javascript, node.js, and angular mongodb, as well as manage a WordPress blog and its plugins and other security measures. Security may be learned. Meta Exploit, Dos Attack, Shell Scripting, Phishing, Cookie Sniffing, SQL Injection, Spoofing, C99 Shell, SSRF assaults, and many more are all types of vulnerabilities that may be exploited.working on the outgrow blog, which includes developing WordPress plugins and managing the outgrow website, which is built in Laravel php


All Soft Solutions

Built a job portal applicate using the PHP programming language serving as the backbone HTML for the front end, and MySQL for the database. handle dedicated servers and virtual private servers, as well as WHM and cPanel accounts and security checks.


Subhmangal Media

work on projects for customers that were built in Vb.Net and use of SQL for their databases. take care of initiatives relating to search engine optimization and social media optimization..



As a fresher, I was responsible for customer projects that included html, PHP, CSS, SEO, Google Adwords, Adsense, Facebook Ads, Server installation, Sms Marketing, Email Marketing, and Remote Client Management.Made a project for hotel, institution, saloon, or any other kind of business. in addition to doing the search engine optimization task.

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